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hi, i'm Julian (or notnite if you want)

i run with @erin

i also have a birdsite:

if you need something, i'm at [email protected]

oh god I have to upgrade tonight

I don't want to deal with postgres ugh

apparently my laptop got EOL'd like 4 months after i bought it (december 2019)

that sucks

has anyone set up a Minecraft Bedrock server before? mine just doesn't seem to want to connect even though I see the port in nmap

there are a lot of dead instances that I'm federating with it Sucks

vnc troubles 

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painting a big 'cw' on the white house, then clicking on 'show less'. the us empire finally destroyed

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this actually works btw. it's amazing you can literally just (technically) DOWNLOAD the coronavirus

science is fucking amazing

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Hey friends who want to join us in a shitty Minecraft minigame, respond to this or friend me on Discord NotNite#0001

woke up at 3 am and my brother is downstairs sleeping, so guess i'm stuck in my room for 4 hours

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please someone make me one of these tshirts and I will cook you dinner in exchange

which is better

also updated my banner to add Funny Windows XP Dog

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this is the most cursed mascot I've ever uploaded to this already cursed instance

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