monthly post to remind people on this Web Site that i am not dead

updated to v3.4.6. sorry i was asleep lol

is it bad i only remember this place exists when i get emails for accounts? maybe

...yeah maybe

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police, acab, US, context re: tillie psa 

my apartment was raided by local police this morning 7am my time and all my electronic devices have been confiscated on request of the US department of justice.

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@oat Hello, Gordon!

you dont count i already know who you are

i forgot that this existed until an hour ago. hello nyabsd friends

homebrewed my DSi today, spent the last two hours playing Rhythm Heaven and I'm afraid I'm addicted

this release had slightly more steps to do and BIg Warning Signs so I was a little worried lol

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no matter how many times i see this video it's still funny to me

what was that upgrade lol, i just fetched the new tag and restarted processes and now it works fine??? what changed

@BraixenIRL The fediverse will unknowingly make my light green this is the best day of my life

i honestly don't know if i'd prefer a bigger timeline

there would be a lot more people i would have to watch and moderate, but it would feel better for me since I like having a lot to look at

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