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MFW forgetting to stay with parent since I have the child badge

sorry for giving you a mini heart attack staff she's sharing her location so I can see how close to AGDQ she is, and for some reason it lets me add a button to my home screen

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awkwardly sitting behind zfg watching 5 different people be better at oot than me

Watching is a rollercoaster of emotions as we go from a world record to an intentional death

going to go chill with in like 5 hours what should i do

when u meet and within like 5 minutes of each other

is great so far

also I pretty much have to jaywalk to get to gdq

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they say this mf is supposed to be warm but I was freezing outside when I got my badge a bit ago

Landed, now I wait to get out of this hellhole

At the airport right now for GDQ, there's some damn good pizza here

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