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last night i spent two hours on debugging something in javascript and it fixed itself magically

sometimes i hate programming

Holy shit I forgot how much I hate JavaScript

Just spent 2 hours debugging an error that seemingly fixed itself

Now to figure out how to do Twitter API stuff

mizusaki or whatever her name is: I like her

kanamori I think (tall girl) grits her teeth too much

keep your hands off eizouken is amazing woah

"Pikunometry" is possibly the best name I've found so far while looking through @[email protected]

you know you've been using your laptop too much when you hit win+2 to switch windows

choose "sucks" or "fucks". choose your own adventure

nothing is better than getting VVVVVV source code (thanks @[email protected]), running like 6 commands to build it and set it up, then playing it

so @[email protected] left her hotel card in her room and she is planning to buy 4 red bulls and play maimai all night

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