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ordered doordash, driver took an entire hour, and then gave me Thai food


everyone is going to shmoocon and I'm sitting here living in dc not going

you can take any still from the nurture promo video and convince someone that porter robinson is a crackhead

drawing random lines and shapes and adding a link of google maps containing a fucking embed doesn't do much but look "aesthetic"

im blanking so hard someone please write this essay for me im begging

I wake up and a video of some kid speaking McDonalds sprite almost has a thousand likes

Thanks for the dopamine rush for the day

I think is the only person to play CS:GO at this size

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last night i spent two hours on debugging something in javascript and it fixed itself magically

sometimes i hate programming

Holy shit I forgot how much I hate JavaScript

Just spent 2 hours debugging an error that seemingly fixed itself

Now to figure out how to do Twitter API stuff

mizusaki or whatever her name is: I like her

kanamori I think (tall girl) grits her teeth too much

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