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hi, i'm Julian (or notnite if you want)

i run with @erin

i also have a birdsite:

if you need something, i'm at

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شمارش معکوس برای حذف #واتس‌اپ ادامه داره.
۱۰ روز تا حذف واتس‌اپ

anyone have anyone CoolTM to follow? my timeline is quite bare

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new doctor who spin-off where the doctor is always late for things called doctor when

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I'm also considering adding a custom theme but I don't know yet - there are a lot of things I can customize that I haven't done yet

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As everyone else does, added Mutant Standard

Just updated and I realize I didn't make a backup before I started

If I failed to update correctly I could've just fucked everything LOOL

please someone help me I am terrified and this cert expires in 10 days

windows 10 issue that I need help with 

Things i have tried
- resetting icon cache
- disk cleanup thumbnails
- changing .png association (when I set it to Photos the icons went to the blank page meaning this is probably the issue)
- Using fucking CCleaner
- Crying and drinking 10 coca colas

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windows 10 issue that I need help with 

My Windows 10 install is fucked, please someone help me

UWP icons are broken in Search but not in the normal Start menu

It's instead the default PNG view icon (it was IrfanView before, but I installed it, so PNG issue?)

Note that PNGs are associated to, not to the default viewer, so ???

I am legit going to PayPal whoever fixes this $20

need to give this instance and this account the love it deserves more

trying to get OpenComputers to work and I posted an issue on a GitHub project that hasn't had activity since 2017

and the owner fucking responded 5 minutes later

ordered doordash, driver took an entire hour, and then gave me Thai food


everyone is going to shmoocon and I'm sitting here living in dc not going

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